January Montage

Having spent the last few months doing a lot of crochet items, this month, as you can see, I picked up my knitting needles again.

In January I showed you a super chunky scarf I had made as a Christmas present and something I received myself from Pretty Little Things in a Box. I also showed you what I sent her as a thank you – the bookmark and threads. Later I also shared the pattern for the bookmark with charts (which didn’t seem to fit well into the montage).

I made a tasty winter pudding with mincemeat as well as a crochet cushion using up the scraps from my spectrum granny ripple blanket.

I acquired some extra projects: a cowl for someone I know, a new pattern dishcloth and repairing my beaded knitted slipper which had worn through under the toe.

Finally while making some new socks I put together a tutorial on knitting wrapped stitches when making toe-up socks.


Next month: at least one sock should be finished and I start a new blanket.

6 thoughts on “January Montage

    1. Thank you! I make the montage using a graphics program called Corel Draw. I use the part that deals with images called ‘Paint’. I copy the pictures and then crop or stretch if necessary and arrange them as I think best. I know that some people use graphics programs that combine them automatically but I like ‘control’!


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