Addendum to sock tutorial

Now I have turned the heel I have two things to add which I will add the the earlier tutorial but also include here and they are –

  1. When turning the heel don’t let the end stitches on the needle holder stretch because if you do you will need to tighten them back up by loosening the other stitches that have tightened to enable them to stretch. (I had to do this; I will put my spare stitches on something light like a piece of yarn next time.)
  2. The best way to increase the number of stiches back up to the right number, after having done the K2togs on the first round, is to do an M1 – which is to say pick up the strand between the stitch that had been on the holder and the decrease stitch and knit into the back (so there is no hole). This actually helps tighten everything up.

Pictures of the heel to show the result.

Right side of heel
Left side of heel

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