Another cushion cover!

[The colours in these photographs are not completely true to life I am afraid. Some are better than others.]

I’ve finished the cushion I wanted to make with the leftover yarn from my spectrum granny ripple blanket.

I started using one colour for each row and was very pleased with the effect.


But then when I got half-way, I thought it might be interesting to make the other side with mixed up colours and using the normal double rows of each colour, since of course that is the only way to make each coloured stripe the same. So that is what I did.


Now the five ripples were just a little bit narrower than was ideal for the cushion pad I had (though six ripples would have been too much) so I worked down the two sides with a row of dcs (US scs) two to each row of stitches to give a firm edge and then finished off with a row of trebles (US dcs) to give a bit more width.

Here is the whole piece.


The last royal blue double stripe was designed to cover the ’emperor’ and ‘royal’ rows at the start to give a seamless look.

Never a fan of sewing (since I am not very good at it) I chose to join the two sides together with dcs (US scs) worked through the stitches of both edges.

Now I had decided to try an idea I had had for a long time when thinking of making cushions. This was that when joining the two sides it might look good to finish off with crab stitch like I did for my hexagon blanket to give a corded look to the edge.

A row of crab stitches
A row of crab stitches

Now normally when I do crab stitch I work my row of dcs (US scs) and then just reverse direction and work the crab stitch back along the row.

I started doing this only to realise that crab stitch and dcs do have a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side just like trebles and that I had done the row of dcs with the wide stripes as ‘right’ side not the spectrum side.

Rather than undo the whole join, I decided to see what would happen if I worked the crab stitch from the other end so that the ‘wrong’ side of the dcs was married to the ‘right’ side of the crab stitch and vice versa. I decided that this actually evened out the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ look and worked well.

So here is the spectrum ‘right’ side


and the reverse


Another thing worth noting is that on my hexagon blanket the edge seems to have a little bit of a ripple and I always thought it was because when working the crab stitch I hadn’t bothered to make allowance for the irregular edge but with the cushion I was noticing the same so I changed down to a smaller hook – 3.5mm, from the 4mm that I had used for the rest of the cushion, and that solved the problem.

And here is the finished cushion –

Right side


And the back /alternative side.


I rather liked the way the rows go when you use a different colour for each row, with the alternation of level and thickness.


I joined the cover with four little buttons. I have yet to use buttons as a feature in the things I make and the join was meant to be as unobtrusive as possible.


Here’s a close up


I just have a few tiny balls of yarn left.


I think I rather like this cushion making. As much fun as blankets in choosing pattern and colours but so much quicker. πŸ™‚

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