So Soft Scarf!

Here it is.


And here is my story!

I discovered not long before Christmas that I needed another present and since the person in question didn’t like chocolate, which is always a good option, I thought I would make something.

Remembering how quickly I was able to make a scarf in Super Chunky yarn that seemed like a good idea but what yarn to use and what pattern?

Now, as with so many of my projects, I think I spent more time on the planning and deciding than I did on the making. 🙂

I found a pattern I liked (the one I used in the end) HERE but of course I had to try it out in some odd yarn first to see it in the hand.

I didn’t take pictures of my experiments so you will have to imagine.

I used an oddment of DK yarn and I didn’t like it very much the visible single strands made it look unfinished. But I liked the mesh look so I tried a couple of other mesh stitches but found that I didn’t really like them either. So then I devised a pattern of my own with panels of moss stitch with a double cable stitch (that doesn’t need cable needles) in the middle.

I then decided that I liked the Debbie Bliss Paloma yarn I had seen in the original pattern and so I would buy some for the scarf even though it was a bit pricey. The yarn is 60% baby alpaca and 40% merino wool – so sounded as if it would be very soft. It also was one of the few Super Chunky yarns I could find in the right colour.

I tried to see it (and feel it) in John Lewis but had to buy it from them on-line in the end as they didn’t seem to keep it in stock in my local store. However when it came I found that it was just as soft as I had imagined.

I started out on my self-designed pattern but I didn’t really think it did the yarn justice so after a few rows I had a rethink. Tried a couple of the other mesh patterns I had rejected then went back to the original pattern I had found that is just so easy!!!!! 😆

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

You start with an even number of stitches. I used 20.

Then every row is:- Knit 1, then repeat (yarn round needle, purl 2 together) until last stitch which is Knit 1.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

With the very special finish of this yarn it actually looked lovely.


And here is a close up


So having spent quite a few days on all this planning I finally made the scarf in three evenings. It would have taken two but they were shorter than normal evenings! However I still had time in hand before Christmas.

I think the scarf was appreciated but I asked my daughter if she could take a picture of the scarf being worn and none of the photos she sent were quite what I had in mind.

This is the least ‘silly’.



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