Looking Forward

Happy New Year! to you all

Now a look forward:-
Over the last year, with the CAL and making my spectrum granny ripple blanket which I wanted to finish for this winter, I have felt more or less under pressure. So much so  that I have not once done a jigsaw, even though I like to do them in the winter months. Now I am very, very grateful to all that I learnt from the CAL and the new people that I got to know and I love being able to snuggle under my ripple blanket but I would like to go back to doing a jigsaw now and then, especially as I got a new one for Christmas.


I have also remembered that when I started this blog I had plans to write a post once a week but, at first, I had so many recent projects that I wanted to share that it became more often twice a week. Then when I started the CAL, I felt that I needed to have a CAL post every week in addition to anything else. So I have aimed to produce a post twice a week all this last year.

So for this coming year I am going to feel that a post once a week is sufficient, though I may end up posting more often if I have things worth sharing.

I already have plans for what I want to complete, including a new blanket

using this pattern

and a cloth for my dining table,

based on these

expanding the type of projects I attempt to include tapestry and maybe even some cross-stitch.

I ought to start with a cushion cover using up the scraps from my blanket.


Christmas decorations for next year. I think it is good to start early with these!

More of these but other things too!

Maybe I might fit in another pair of socks

My sock yarn
I have this darker rainbow yarn to use and a self patterning one

and then there are always all those things on my evergrowing list of things I have been inspired by!


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