2013 retrospective montage

I thought that this year I would have an extra montage showing the main knitting and crochet projects that I completed during the year.

I finished two blankets and a cushion cover as well as four phone/iPod covers, though one was a replacement for the other.

I made three sorts of footwear: bedsocks, ankle socks and slipper socks;

three sorts of bookmarks, with the cross ones embellishing Easter cards and hanging on my Easter tree.

The Easter tree was decorated with crochet eggs, flowers and a little rabbit as well as the cross bookmarks.

For Christmas, the same tree was decorated with a variety of snowflakes and I created a new snowflake pattern for a lacier snowflake. I also crocheted some baubles in white cotton.

I made coasters and bunting as presents as well as some crochet animals on key rings.

On the household front I made a cafetière cosy (that is actually a bit of practice for my next blanket) and a couple of dish cloths.

And, just for fun, I knitted a Buff® in some variegated yarn that I had.


Tomorrow I will publish a post looking forward to 2014.

10 thoughts on “2013 retrospective montage

      1. It is! I’ve got a post lined up for tomorrow looking back over 2013. I’m surprised at how much I’ve got through in the year! It also made me miss the sun a bit – I have lots of sunny photos though to remind me what it’s like!


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