Christmas cooking

Yesterday and the day before (they took a long time to rise!) I made some Stollen using the same recipe I shared with you last year. – HERE


I was pleased because I had managed to shape them much better than last year so that they didn’t split in the middle – see below. (The two I didn’t show you last year were worse.  😦   )

Baked stollen

I also made a different sort of Christmas cake. Normally I make the usual marzipaned and iced fruit cake but this year I decided to try a recipe I have been thinking of making for years and years. At least as long ago as when there were ‘Safeway’ supermarkets in this country.


I cooked it yesterday afternoon and this morning I added the final decoration.


Then, as I had had to cut off a slice at the top to level it, I sat down with half the offcut and a large mug of coffee to write this post.


which is what I am doing now.

10 thoughts on “Christmas cooking

    1. I had to cut one in half to fit in a tin and it looks okay inside thankfully. I always find knowing exactly how long to cook them the hardest bit 🙂 Would have been interesting to see the programme you mentioned as a comparison to method and ingredients.


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