A few minutes in the garden.

I have to admit that I have been so busy and the weather has been so dull that I hadn’t looked out of the window for days and days but when I went out there yesterday I was surprised at how much colour there was.

The reason that I had actually gone out there was to sprinkle some crushed egg shells round the tiny florets of my sedum spectabile to save them (hopefully) from the slugs. Well it has worked in previous years!


When I had my first Sedum Spectabile  while living in my previous house I couldn’t understand why it totally disappeared but now I know what the problem was. Slugs are very prevalent on the cold clay soil of Southampton.

As you can see it is very pretty in late summer.


I had only expected to see the Winter Jasmine


Which was flowering merrily though some of the flowers were a little worse for wear after the recent wet weather.

There were also a very few pink flowers left on the Lavatera, though they were so bedraggled they weren’t worth photographing.

Alternatively the flowers on the fuchsia were few but still lovely.


The Rosemary was in flower.


There were two yellow roses on the climbing rose, which I have included though I couldn’t get a good photograph in low light against the winter sky.


The greatest surprise was the yellow daisy like plant that I thought had died that was still going strong.


And just to finish off –

I have forsworn houseplants (which may eventually be replaced by some crochet ones) but I was not quite able to get rid of my Christmas Cactus that looks so lovely at this time of year.


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