CAL blanket: Final View

Blanket on the bed
Improved photograph

The light has been so bad today that I have tried all sorts of things to get a decent picture and this is the best I can do. But rather than put off the post until the light is better (Who knows when! πŸ™‚ ) I am using what I have.

I won’t be using it on my bed but the other bed would be much harder to photograph.

Having joined all the squares together as I showed you HERE.

I have since been working on edging the blanket.

In as much as the crochet between the squares represented paths, I wanted to continue this on the outside edge. Which I did using what I know as linen stitch.


Here you can see how it mirrors the joing to a certain extent.


I then in my fancy wanted a leafy outside edge to maybe suggest a surrounding hedge and so I devised a leafy edging that would fit evenly around.


Here is what is the best photo I took in many ways, which gives the general feel of the blanket.


31 thoughts on “CAL blanket: Final View

  1. It’s absolutely SUPERB!!! Well done Jane, this is really a major accomplishment – the time, effort and creativity that went into this is astounding. I LOVE your leaf edging, is this your own design?? Xxxxx


  2. Wow, Jane, it looks amazing. Very impressed. I have got stuck at the blocking stage (not my fabourite thing) and to be fair, it probably won’t get done until after Christmas now with all the madness going on here.


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