Shh…. It will soon be Christmas

I can’t share with you what I have been doing these last couple of weeks because it’s a few small presents for the family.

But this is as far as I have got with my wrapping of presents.


I will show you what is in the small packages after Christmas.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

I have also been making some Christmas cards.

Now originally I had plans didn’t I?

Last year I made  these.

Crochet Christmas cards

So this year was meant to be some more crochet cards with angel bookmarks this time. (As made while I was in Criccieth last summer.)


Well I have to admit I haven’t even written out the pattern. I have been so busy with my blankets. Maybe next year. 🙂

So I resorted to a simple alternative.


And I  didn’t even draw the angel. It’s a piece of clip art – but I did choose the colouring.


6 thoughts on “Shh…. It will soon be Christmas

  1. The same thing happened to me… I had planned to make some gifts and because of an unplanned trip I had to make, now I’m behind and don’t think it’s possible to catch up… I might end up buying some small gifts instead. Bummer. I think next year I’ll spread out making gifts so that I make two each month and by the end of the year, I’ll be done 🙂


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