My Rainbow Garden – Violet

I really enjoy looking back on these photographs of my garden and remembering summer.

Of all the flowers that may be considered to come into the ‘violet’ category the one that contains a colour nearest to violet is probably the Passion Flower.


Unfortunately, having killed my first Passion Flower, when I found another, that had grown from one of the fruits of the original one, it proved to be an extrememly hardy and determined grower and after a couple of years was really taking over. My garden is very small and regretfully I have had to remove the Passion Flower.

Another plant that eventually gave up the ghost last summer was my French Lavendar. Maybe I will get another one, though I don’t think it was entirely happy in a pot.

0207-lavenderI think this picture was taken a couple of years ago.

I don’t seem to have a lot of violet/purple flowers but I do have a few from the onion family.

There are chives


And my Alliums.


This one below is Christophe and is my favourite.


I also have the pulmonaria in the early Spring


And these Cyclamen in the Autumn.


A bit of a quick post as I am trying to finish the Christmas presents I am making.

13 thoughts on “My Rainbow Garden – Violet

  1. I love these colours especially the passion flower but was totally perplexed as to how you grew it from a fruit??? What an eejit I am – of course a passion fruit HAS to come from somewhere! I keep thinking at my age I should know better, but clearly not!

    *skulks off to look for dunce’s cap*


          1. Its funny I think I probably hadn’t given much thought to where the fruit comes from as it has always seemed like such a ‘nothing’ fruit. I know the wizened ones are the sweetest but there seems to be so little in them.

            A friend once gave me a passion flower plant when my Dad died as it has a wonderful story about resurrection and she thought it was nicer than a bouquet which would wilt. I managed not too bad for a few months but the poor plant gave up the ghost and turned crispy. I’ll maybe try again and see if one copes in the garden next year – tho’ I’ll avoid any fruit always supposing it survives long enough!


          2. Passion Flower plants are best on a sunny wall and you have to be careful when you prune – that’s how I killed my first one. The flowers are lovely and there are so many even though each flower doesn’t last very long. The fruit are pretty too yellow/orange in colour for the one in my picture.


      1. I’ve had a try but I don’t think blogger has this:-( I had a google around and the solutions seem to involve scary html So I’ll just need to keep enjoying yours, unless the forecast is right and we get some tomorrow. However, we are at seal/river level so only get damp!


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