My Rainbow Garden – Blue


Although I am a rainbow junkie, I do have a favourite colour and that is blue. And the bluest flowers in my garden are the Lithodora you can see in the above picture.

Here is a closer look.


But one of my favourite flowers is the Forget-me-not.


And for this reason when I was thinking of buying a few plants for the main flower bed I chose these:-


because they reminded me of the forget-me-nots.

I also have some Bluebells


Now in my previous garden there were bluebells in various places in the lawn and they were always spreading and threatening to take over, so I used to dig some of them up and put them on the compost/rubbish heap at the bottom of the garden under the trees and then they would flower there. 🙂

So when I moved to this house, I took some of the bluebell bulbs with me. At first I had them in a corner of the garden but again they were threatening to take over so I constrained them in a couple of pots. As you can see they are rather unceremoniously tucked in a shady spot. I ought to look after them better as I don’t think they really like the pots as well as open ground. They are, I believe, the Spanish sort of bluebell and not the wild English ones that are even more beautiful in my opinion.

Another blue flower that comes up at a similar time of year is the Grape Hyacinth.


It is also inclined to take over and I have had to remove them from some areas. Here you can see they are growing among the Lily-of-the-valley that I am trying to encourage.

In the above picture, at top left , you can see some green leaves that also belong to a spreading, ‘taking over’ sort of plant and that is these.


I don’t know what they are called but when I came to view my present house they were spreading in wild profusion at the front of the house over the slabs that form the front garden. (Though my younger daughter says I don’t have a front garden – only a front step!). They were also growing either side of the tarmac that makes a parking space  in front of the integral garage. They certainly added to the appeal of the place. These in the photograph are in the back garden.

Lastly there is the Rosemary which is a very delicate sort of blue


And a flower that please me very much during the summer that is a late sort of clematis called Perle d’Azure.


These are only just blue and it is interesting because some years they seem to appear bluer than others.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Just a note to say that in my opinion indigo is only listed in the ‘colours of the rainbow’ to make the number up to seven.

And looking at the colours in the spectrum, as I did when making my granny ripple blanket,


there is a very dark blue which, in my opinion, never becomes the true almost black colour that is indigo.

Now if I had some of the very dark delphiniums that you can get I might have felt there was some scope for an ‘indigo’ section but as I don’t I am leaving out ‘indigo’ as a separate entry. And so my next and last post on the subject with be ‘violet’ but I may include some of my pink and or white flowers in this or a separate post.


6 thoughts on “My Rainbow Garden – Blue

  1. wow.. what stunning blue in the lovely garden.. and thank you for putting down the flower’s names as well.. i’ve learnt much from your garden.. and I love bluebells.. 😀


  2. wow ! you are an amazing photographer and gardener too. I love your first picture with a bumble bee flying to the flower. Lovely pics ..I can almost smell the flowers … 🙂 (do they ?)


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