Join Along: Week six


I made a special effort this week and managed to complete three rows and thus finish the main part of the blanket.

It was so hard to photograph the whole blanket that the above picture is actually a combination of two photographs.

Then there is finishing off all those ends (I make it 234 in total) and add a border. Well I have finished about three quarters of the ends but have yet to get to the border.

The next time I show you the blanket it will be finished, whether that is one week or two or ………………….

I find it a bit overwhelming seeing it all together and I have tried it on my bed and it makes an all over single bed blanket.

13 thoughts on “Join Along: Week six

  1. At first as I was viewing the individual squares,I was kinda luke warm about it. NOTHING personal, I am just not a pastel person. Ahh but now that I see the finished blanket I am very much loving it! Great Job 🙂 Also you have lots more patience than I. All those squares and ends, no way would I attempt that. Lovely work of blanket art…


    1. Using those colours was a bit of a new venture for me but they were the colours I felt best said ‘Cottage Garden’. I wouldn’t have done a blanket like this except is was my first experience of a ‘Crochet Along’ and I certainly learnt a lot along the way. The ends weren’t too bad – take about 4-5 hours I guess.


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