Join Along: Week five


It’s been quite a struggle to complete another two rows for this week.

It is also getting harder to photograph the blanket above the centre to make it evenly rectangular, so I have given up trying.

The bigger it gets the more I like it but you have probaly seen the best of it up to now as the first two rows and last two rows contain the less interesting blocks with all my favourites in the middle.


I especially like the ones that are like flowers with raised petals.

I expect that it will take me another two weeks to have at least started the final border.

I am happy with its generally appearance even though I didn’t take the time and trouble to block the squares. Are there any people out there making one of these blankets who have blocked them? How much difference does it make?

13 thoughts on “Join Along: Week five

    1. No, that’s the problem. Every other blanket or similar that I have made has been made for a specific purpose. This was just a result of following the CAL. I could put it on the bed in the spare room though then I won’t see it very often. It could go on the sofa bed in the study but I am not sure it would be good to sit on it. I will decide when it’s finished and I know how big it is.


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