My Rainbow Garden – Green

My rainbow garden is ever-changing and I don’t just mean colour and the seasons. Plants live and plants die. So the following pictures are just some of the different greens I have had in my garden the last year or two, most still being there.

Of course it would be far too much, and maybe a little boring, to show you every sort of green so I have chosen the more interesting ones.

One of my favourites is the heuchera.


I can’t remember exactly which sort of heuchera it is, there are so many, but I love the red veining in the leaves.

and I also love the silver veining and two-tone green of the cyclamen leaves.


And I bought this brunnera mainly for the flowers which are very like forget-me-knots (one of my favourites) but the leaves are attractive too.


Later I found this other brunnera – Jack Frost – and this time I fell in love with the leaves.


The last of the variegated leaves of flowering plants I am going to show you is the pulmonaria. The flowers give some welcome early colour but the leaves are there all year round.


This is a heather, I suppose it must have flowers but I bought it for the foliage which is like this at present


but later when it get cold the tips turn red.

200-heatherI am not sure if you would call this a flowering plant as it is a succulent that does put up tall flower spikes sometimes.


This is it in all its glory with some flower spikes growing. Since then too much damp has somewhat depleted it.

I don’t have much room for vegetables and I am not sure if I would have much success as I am not a born gardener but I do like herbs.

Here is the love grey/green of the sage200-sage

and the fresh green of the applemint. Can you see the little spider?


I have actually decided that I prefer the flavour of spearmint and having the applemint made the spearmint hybridise into applemint so I have got rid of it now.

I do also have rosemary (struggling – I must renew it) and thyme (finally thriving in a tub) but here is a picture of some lollo rosso.

200-lollorossoOf all the salad leaves it is my favourite but also loved by the slugs (hence the protection). Sadly I don’t seem to be able to find the seeds any more. I also like rocket which seems to survive slugs but lollo rosso is definitely the cream of the crop!

And a late addition to this post!

I have a very small Self-fertile Coxe’s Orange Pippin tree in my garden. I love having my own apples as they are so much sweeter and juicier than the ones that you buy in the shops. For this reason I tend to leave them on the tree until I want to eat them as much as possible. However this autumn has been so wild at times that I have been bringing in lots of windfalls and this morning I looked out and saw there were more.Ā  You can see what I brought in in the picture below.


I said it was a small tree and this must be about half the crop. Hopefully I can store them well enough not to lose too much juiciness.

And lastly one of my more ‘arty’ photos of some lithodora which will appear again in the next episode under ‘blue’.


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