My Spectrum Granny Ripple blanket is finished!

I have finally finished my Spectrum Granny Ripple blanket after almost a year, just in time for winter!

I had expected that it would take me a few more days because I had planned a few more rows for the border but when I had completed the last of the spectrum rows I knew that that was it and I am so pleased with it.

It was hard to find somewhere to spread it out but here is a photograph of the whole blanket that (unlike my usual photographs) will enlarge if you want a closer look.

And a view from the foot of the bed


In many ways the colours are best in this picture. The light was soooo bad when I wanted to take these photos.

And another closer look.


I do have plans for another blanket, for my younger daughter this time: something she can snuggle up on the sofa with but I am not going to start it yet, maybe in the Spring.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

And not totally unrelated……..

You may remember some time ago I shared with you the phone cover I had made for my son.


He had had a free choice of both stitches and colours but a few weeks ago he told me that he had decided that the phone cover was rather boring and he wished he had asked for one like the rainbow one I had made.


So once I had finsihed my spectrum blanket, I used some of the scraps that were left over to make a new cover for him using the same number of rows and stitches as previously.

For speed and ease, I used the same cotton inner lining which I unstitched from the original cover and re stitched to the new.0197-phonecover2

27 thoughts on “My Spectrum Granny Ripple blanket is finished!

        1. It takes a while to make but it’s only rows of grannies with an adaptaion to make the waves and rows of trebles for the border. Even the bit filling in the curves to make it square is straight forward. It’s the choice of colours that really makes it.


  1. I can sympathize with your son, as it makes sense to ask for a phone cover in your favorite tones. On the other hand, once you see the interplay of these vibrant rainbow colors, one’s mind is transported in a whole new way, that one could hardly predict. I LOVE it! This ripple with its special border is truly a master work. And I can’t even explain why – just my heart knows!


  2. Hi your spectrum blanket is awesome and I would like to order the exact colors. Can you please tell me how many balls of each color I would need? I am ordering from the US so I need to order the entire stock at once to save on shipping. Thx much.


    1. Your comment isn’t showing because I have to approve the comment before it shows up and I was busy writing an explanation of how to fill in the ends of the granny ripple which you might find helpful if you decide to go for a border like mine.

      I did reply to your earlier comment (which appears at the bottom of the pattern page – about the yarn with a reference to other posts which give the details. Extra information is that I used seven ripples as I expect you can see and the yarn was enough to make the border I chose plus a little bit over.

      This should be okay as long as your tension is similar to mine. I did give some details re the sizes I got per ripple with the pattern.


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