My Rainbow Garden – Yellow

One of my favourite yellow flowers is the winter jasmine as it gives me colour at a time of the year when there is little else


As it’s cold I haven’t got out to take many pictures. πŸ™‚

The winter jasmine can start blooming as early as November but then when Spring comes you get the daffodils.

I especially have daffodils in the pots in the front.


Here are some sharing a pot with some rosemary


and a close up of one of their sunny faces.


In the back I also have a few yellow crocuses


And maybe a yellow tulip.


I also find that I have the ubiquitous dandelion growing between the paving slabs.


Though I can’t say that I encourage them.

When summer comes, recently I have had some yellow marigolds (as well as the orange ones I showed you before).

Here are three subtly different ones.




I also have these flowers, I can’t remember what they are called. I actually though they had died and put my shiny orb in the space but then they grew up anyway.


And a close up after the rain.


But I will leave you with another of my favourites: my yellow roses,

whether in bud


or full blown.


14 thoughts on “My Rainbow Garden – Yellow

  1. Beautiful photos and flowers. I am not much of a gardener myself, but I do enjoy seeing flowers blooming in the garden. (Although our three rescue hens seem to think they are put there for them!)


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