Join Along: Week one


This is how far I have got in joining the CAL blocks together.

The above is the first two rows of the blanket from the top. I will add some sort of border round the edge when Ihave finished joining. At present it is about 54 inches wide.

I didn’t have my plan to hand when I started and I realised a couple of blocks later that the third one is upside down relative to the others but I decided I like it better that way so I left it.


But now I am wondering if it shows.

What do you think?

It isn’t taking me as long as I had expected to join the blocks and I think I should be able to finish it before Christmas.

If I didn’t want to finish my granny ripple blanket and spent all my time on the joining it could be even sooner.

But I discovered a mistake in the edging for my granny ripple blanket!

Can you see the stitch in the middle?


It is worked into the gap instead of the stitch so you get a bigger looking hole.

Can’t quite face undoing all the following rows to correct it!

15 thoughts on “Join Along: Week one

  1. It all looks lovely to me. I can’t remember which way up my blocks are supposed to be, and I’m not trying to find them in the book. I am loving joining them up. It is so addictive…
    Yours is looking so pretty! And so different from mine. Can’t wait to see other people’s.
    As for that gap, no-one but you will ever notice it! I had to look for several seconds for it.


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