100 snowflakes

No I haven’t made 100 snowflakes but a few weeks ago I saw this book in a bookshop

Now I’ve worked up a few snowflake patterns myself but there is no way I would have time to create 100 different ones.

The snowflakes in this book are all proper snowflakes with six sides and they are not excessively lacey like some I’ve seen which would make them too far from real snowflakes.

So of course I just had to buy the book.

Last Christmas I showed some of my snowflakes on my display tree.


But this year I wanted to make many, many snowflakes in crochet cotton. I had some variegated blue and white #10 crochet cotton so I decided to start with that.

So far I have made three from my patterns for ‘easy real snowflakes’


And four from the book


I had intended originally to start at the beginning but I decided to take the cotton with me to make some while I was in Spain and photocopied a few pages.


But as I hadn’t wanted to press the book down too hard some patterns were easier to read than others, so I will have to start back at the beginning now I am home.

As they are made from cotton and some of the ones from the book are harder to shape than mine, I made a template to help me pin them out ready to spray with starch and iron.


Annoyingly I couldn’t find my geometry set but I think this is good enough.

I think maybe I could have done better with the shaping but as I have noted before, real snowflakes are not perfectly symmetrical.

Unfortunately this is going to have to be a fill-in project to be done on the bus and in odd moments as I am trying to finish the border on my spectrum granny ripple blanket so I can use it.


and have just started to join the CAL squares.

Sneak preview –


No! I am not blocking them. I will give it a careful iron when I have finished,

20 thoughts on “100 snowflakes

  1. 100 snowflakes are just a lovely idea to have on the Christmas tree.. I’ve not come across the book yet.. maybe i should look it up.. πŸ˜€
    thank you for sharing the idea.


  2. Great minds think alike πŸ™‚ I was looking at making snowflakes, but just couldn’t find a book, so ended up getting one from a mag, however, they don’t look nearly as good as yours. So think I might have to go and buy that book. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  3. I have also been making snowflakes. I love your blue /white variegated cotton. It makes the flakes look so crisp and real.


    1. Well the sneak preview is only a sneak preview for the post I did a few days later where I had joined the first two rows of the blanket but it will be a few more weeks before it is finished. I’m enjoying doing the tiny snowflakes.


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