My first crochet cushion


Sometime ago, when I told people about my son’s new flat, someone suggested that I should make him a housewarming present.

I wasn’t sure if such a thing would interest him but he had asked me to make a crochet phone cover a little while before


so I decided to offer to crochet a cushion cover as the only cushions he had were rather bedragled ones I had cast off in his direction years before.

He was amenable to the idea so I Googled ‘crochet cushions’ and asked him to look and choose the style of crochet he preferred.

Almost immediately he pointed at this picture and said “That one!”


This picture and the next one come from this post on the WordPress blog – . She makes lovely things so why not go and look!

I then established that the particular cushion he liked was this one:-


I asked him what sort of colours he wanted and he said that he wanted it exactly like the one in the picture.

It is always a little difficult to match colours on screen and different yarns have differing shades so I did my best out of my stash of Stylecraft yarns and made a small sampler.


The stitch in question is called ‘larksfoot’ stitch.

I had plenty of all the colours except the pink which was a small quantity left over from the CAL blanket. So noticing that in many ways the colours made an ‘almost’ rainbow, I toyed with an alternative but similar colour choice and laid the balls out on the arm of the settee.


The colours are: Aster, Aspen, Saffron, Shrimp & Lipstick.

When my son came round I showed him the sampler and explained about having to order more pink, but he had caught sight of the balls on the settee and said that he liked them just as much if not better.

We then went off to John Lewis and he chose a feather filled cushion pad of the right size and so I started to work on it early in September.

I decided to crochet the whole of the cover though the second half was somehow less exciting than the the first half even though it was the same! πŸ˜‰

Larksfoot stitch is straightforward enough, except for trying to get the longer treble (US dc) stitches all the same length. So being a perfectionist who is not very perfect πŸ™‚ I did undo those stitches quite often when they were not close enough in length.

Here is a close up.


Having sewn in all the many, many ends, I then joined the edges together using some invisible thread I had and sewed on six buttons to close the cover.

I bought clear buttons so that they did not show too much.


Here you can see the whole overlap.


And another picture of the cushion at a jaunty angle!


When I gave it to my son, he smiled, said he loved it and gave me a great big hug. πŸ˜€

28 thoughts on “My first crochet cushion

    1. I’m not sure there is an actual pattern. Though looking at the post I realise I have given the wrong stitch name. It is ‘larksfoot’ stitch not ‘larkspur’ as I had originally.

      I am sure you can find instructions for that easily on the internet. After that it’s just a question of working out how many chains to start with to give yourself the right width.


  1. Congrats Jane! I love it…I think you son was right about leaving the pink out. It looks so much nicer!!! AND, I see you’ve inspired someone to enter their cushion into the Made It (wink wink) Me too by the way heehee x


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