Lovely new yarn!


Over a year ago I saw some yarn like this in a shop in Blackfield and thought it might make an attractive scarf.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

The following winter I discovered that a friend had a scarf that was not rib but looked like the knit side of stocking stitch on both sides and I decided I would like to make such a scarf.

She couldn’t remember how she made it as she made it years ago and she is not really a knitter.

So I put on my thinking cap and came up with this.


The marble yarn at the top is chunky and the recommended needle size is 6mm but I am not sure if to use 6mm needles or something larger to make it looser.

What do you think?

You get a lovely thick fabric knitting like this and it doesn’t curl, 🙂 so would actually also be a good choice for a DK weight scarf .

When I made my rainbow scarf

Rainbow scarf and beret

I chose to alternate the sides for the stocking stitch so it made it bunch a bit and so a bit thicker as DK yarn seems a bit thin for a warm scarf.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Now Blackfield is a long way away and the shop is apparently under new management so I bought the marble yarn in a local shop last week.

When I went to the shop to buy it I got two balls because although one ball is probably enough for a scarf – I thought “scarf – hat- mittens?”

Now I seem to have made a few hat and scarf combinations in recent years – but you can’t have too many can you?

And some are better for Spring/ Autumn and some for Winter.

In this case I am thinking of winter and I want it to be a warm hat because my super chunky hat


actually is not as warm as my shop bought hat that it was based on

My hat

I think this is because the shop hat has a lining.

So I was thinking that a nice stylish hat (not a simple ‘bobble hat’) was what I wanted. And one which I could line with a piece of satin to keep the draughts out as the black hat is getting a little old now.

So can anyone suggest a good pattern that I might use?

I would be very grateful.

14 thoughts on “Lovely new yarn!

  1. I think the black hat still looks perfect, why don’t you make a crochet flower and jazz it up with that, and make matching mitts? The marble chunky wool looks lovely and, yes, i do believe you are right, you can never have too many scarves and hats and mitts when it comes to winter. Especially where you live!!! 🙂


  2. I know that everyone’s idea of a ‘fashionable’ item is widely diverse. You are probably on this same distribution list, but as soon as I saw it I thought of you and your scrumptious new yarn. Check this out. I think it is stylish and edgy. What do you think?

    Free Crochet Pattern: Spiral Hat


    1. I removed the pattern to make your comment a suitable length but I have saved it. Thank you for sending it. Only problem is it looks as if it is made in more than one colour. I will keep it for future reference though and study the pattern more closely.


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