An Exciting Weekend

Last weekend I had an exciting time.

I met my daughter in Oxford and we went to a really interesting exhibition (if you like fantasy literature) at the Bodleian – Magical Books – From the Middle Ages to Middle-earth (It’s on till 27th October this year if you fancy going.) It is especially about the work of J R R Tolkein, C S Lewis, Susan Cooper, Alan Garner and Philip Pullman.

Then that evening we went to a performance of “An Inspector Calls” by J B Priestly in Thame. I have seen the play a couple of times before and it is one of my favourites.

The next day we went back to Oxford and found that they were having a sort of open day, so we changed our plans and had a look at what was on. There was an amazing amount of things you could do but we found time for only two.

The first was that we discovered there were tours of the city in an old double decker bus.

While we waited for the tour we were able to go inside an even older bus.


And I took a photograph of the front


and the back


At last the old double decker arrived


And I haven’t got a picture as I let my daugter keep them but we got real old-fashioned tickets as well. Not the ones I remember from my childhood but from the machine that had about three or four narrow streams of tickets that my daughter remembered.

After this we decided to take up the offer of a free exploration of Oxford Castle.


Louisa insisted on trying the stocks!


Then we went up the mound.


And even went down and saw a very deep and empty well, except for a few coins and a plastic bottle or two. 😦 .

I looked around and my attention was caught buy an outdoor chess set on the adjoining building.


And this beautiful spire rising out of the trees.


We then spent the rest of the time learning about prison through the ages as Oxford Castle had long been a prison even up to quite recently. It was closed in 1996.

These are all the photographs I took as the Bodleian exhibition was incredibly dark as of course was the theatre and inside the prison wasn’t exactly bright. The weather on both days was very damp and drizzly so I was pleased that I managed to get just these few.


9 thoughts on “An Exciting Weekend

  1. ohhh.. thank you so much for showing me Oxford.. coincidentally i’m reading a book call ” A discovery of Witches” and the setting is in Oxford Bodleian Library.. ahhh.. i hope to can visit oxford one day.. it seems to have a long long history.. 😀


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