Liebster award reprise!

Liebster award

I have been nominated for this award twice in the last few months.

Firstly by knitxpressions here:

The date is November but this was in May 2013.

I wish to say ‘thank you very much’ to her for thinking of me and suggest you go and find out more about her on the above link and see what she has been up to lately as well.

Then again more recently by onoodles here:

Again very many thanks for the appreciation and do go and see what she has been up to.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

I was originally nominated for this award by Patricia over at DaniellaJoe

and although I did consider trying to find answers to the eleven questions posed by knitxpressions and onoodles I have decided [due to a lack of answers to many of them 😦 I think I must be a boring person. ] to refer you to my original post on this award.

Like Patricia, in future I am intending to concentrate on crafting and leave awards to people just setting out on blogging but I do have one more recent award to acknowledge and as that is a new one, I have been busy trying to put together a suitable response.

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