Alone again!

I have had my granddaughter staying with me again this last week but now she is gone and I have a moment to put together this post.

Due to my younger daughter being ill we didn’t do all the things I planned but we did spend a lot of time playing with the cousins.

However because of this and the fact that I was feeling pretty exhausted I didn’t take my usual array of pictures. I did get out my phone on a few occasions when I realised that I hadn’t even thought of bringing my camera but it doesn’t take as good pictures as my camera even when they come out okay.

What we did do was make some friendship bracelets. (This photo was taken at home with the camera!)


This is one I made for Louisa. I forget to take photos of the ones she was making though neither got finished. Will do a separate post on this soon.

On Monday we went to the Fair on the Common. I found it rather disappointing compared to years ago as there were no slot machines. ( My children liked the ones where you fed piles of coins with 2ps in the hope they would overbalance and you’d win a pile.) And the music was much, much too loud. Louisa agreed with me.

Neither of us fancied the rides that throw you about but Louisa did try two similar things, one of which I thought to photograph.


Can’t see her?

Here is a close up.


Tuesday and Wednesday was mainly ‘cousins’ but the couple of quick phone photos I took were awful.

Thursday was still very hot so we went to the paddling pool on the Common.

I don’t know why this photo is so awful but you can see a little girl (well not so little now!) is having fun making waves.


And making friends


This one is as good as the phone gets!

Meanwhile Grandma was sitting on the side working on her granny ripple blanket.


The only other photograph I took (not directly related really – but so pleased to get) was of the flower on my cactus. (Also on the camera)


My cactii have flowered these last two summers but all I have ever seen are dead flowers because they are on a lovely warm sunny window sill that I rarely look at.

Louisa noticed this flower and I took the photo the following evening (with flash) as I realised it would probably be dead the next day – which it was. I do think cactus flowers are so beautiful though.

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