Granny Ripple update

I have my granddaughter staying at present so I don’t have much time for writing a post but I thought that I would show you one of the things I have been working on lately.

Since I put the CAL blanket squares aside, I decided that I ought to get a bit further with my granny ripple blanket that I haven’t touched for weeks.

Last time I showed you how I was getting on it looked like this:-


Soon after this it was overtaken by the need to do other things.

But now I have got this far:-


Here it is spread on my bed over the hexagon blanket.

And a closer look —————


It is going to have quite a substantial border so I am not sure that I can be said to be even half way through.

14 thoughts on “Granny Ripple update

  1. It is delightful to find that you and I are on similar tracks! I am taking my first stab at a knit ripple project, though in polite knitting circles, one must never say ‘ripple’ but rather, ‘fan and feather’. Mine is pure white, as the yarn was a gift from a friend. Actually, the yarn was a cone of acrylic white yarn that belonged to a woman who is the mother of a friend of my husband’s. Our friend’s mother had to go into assisted living, gave up her house, and the kids cleaned away all her belongings and sold the house. Well, I am the recipient of the yarn part of her legacy, as her daughter is almost completely blind and quit doing most of her yarn crafting. This fan and feather project is a lap throw (my first attempt at knitted lace work) for her mother, kind of as a surprise and a thank-you for the opportunity to have yarn to experiment with. When she is done with it, she can pass it along to the daughter who gifted me with the yarn. It would only be fitting. The lap throw is coming along better than I had hoped. Good to see your glorious progress on yours! And thanks for the blog!


    1. What a lovely story and it sounds as if you will have a beautiful lap throw when your project is completed. Much more difficult than mine. I always find that sort of knitting offers lots of opportunity for mistakes and dropped stitches (well at least when it’s me doing it). Glad yours is coming along so well.


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