CAL: not quite forgotten!

Ever since I decided how I wanted to join the squares for the CAL (HERE) last January, I had intended to crochet round the edge of each of the finished blocks with the ‘camel’ yarn in readiness for the joining.

But although I did manage to edge a few blocks the vast majority remained unedged, especially as time went on and I found it was all I could do to keep up with everyone else. So these last few weeks I have been busy trying to edge all the blocks.

I now have two shoe boxes full of edged blocks.

One containing all the blocks worked in rounds, ordered in the original numbered bags.0171-roundblocks

These were the ones I edged first as I thought they would be easier.

And another shoe box containing the blocks worked in rows, ordered by type.


My plan for the blanket is that it should comprise thirteen rows of nine blocks each. Since this involves only using 117 blocks and we have made 128, I will have to leave out eleven blocks.

I decided to reject these eight blocks out of hand for various reasons.
The granny stripe one mainly because I realised that it doesn’t contain the right number of stitches and so I would need to re-do it. (Though looking back now, I realise that at the time I did this deliberately, but never mind I can change my mind later if I want to.)

I will have to find another three to omit in due course.

I actually found that edging the blocks with the same number of dcs on each side actually seemed to help to equalise their sizes, so maybe I won’t have to do too much ‘blocking’. 🙂


20 thoughts on “CAL: not quite forgotten!

    1. Well I opted for 29 each side and then in the corners I did (dc, 2ch, dc). This is equivalent to 33 from corner to corner, since you need an odd number. I did (dc, 2ch, dc) rather than 3dc because I didn’t trust myself to recognise the central bit of the corner otherwise. :-).


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