An explosion of Rhinos

I know! a bigger gap between posts and all I can come up with is a load of rhinos!!

Well the last couple of weeks moving my son into one flat and helping clean up the old one has left me quite exhausted and with very little time for crochet, knitting or anything else.

But I was really taken with all the Rhinos that have appeared round Southampton.

It is an art project by Marwell Zoo – you can find out more about it here: – to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

The photos were taken in a hurry today as I proceeded from opposite the cenotaph, down Above Bar St, into West Quay and down to St Michael’s Square.

There are 36 in total, not all in Southampton, but I have just eight to share with you.

This is Augustus opposite the cenotaph – sponsored by Totton College. They all have names and a plaque giving more details about the artists and the design.


You will see that some use different materials and some represent some aspect of the city, perhaps because of who sponsored it. There is one that was not on my route but which I had seen earlier and especially liked whose design represents the Ordnance Survey.


This one is Flossy at the corner of Watts Park – sponsored by DenPlan.


Here is Glint in Guildhall Square – sponsored by Southampton City Council.


And in the same square is Rafiki – sponsored by The Mayflower Theatre.


I thought he warranted two pictures.


This is Seymour at the corner of Palmerston Park – sponsored by Balfour Beatty Living Places


And ‘Where’s Ralph?’ further down Above Bar St – sponsored by Marwell Wildlife.


Ringo was inside West Quay shopping centre – sponsored by West Quay itself.


And lastly Rosie in St Michael’s Square – sponsored by The MFPA Trust Fund.

I thought they were rather fun and may take my granddaughter to see them if she comes in her summer holidays. So you may see some more of them later.

10 thoughts on “An explosion of Rhinos

  1. Great to see these rhinos outand about in Southampton; there have been pigs in Bath, gorrillas in Bristol and now we have 80 Gromits (as in Wallace and ….) over Bristol for the summer all decorated and some by famous people in the arts and acting world. It is lovely to see people and families taking themselves out into the city and beyond to visit the Gromits all fundraising for the childrens hospital here in Bristol that serves the south west too and I think a fantastic community event wherever one happens to see these sculptures. See this link for further info, thank you.


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