A special commision with extras

This wasn’t the sort of commision that those of you that sell stuff get, no this was my daughter asking me if I could make some bunting for their friend/lodger, James, whose birthday was early in July.

Since she asked me only a few days before I went to Criccieth, I decided that I would have to try and make it while I was away. I made a few sample bunting triangles, showed her the alternatives and ordered some Rico Essentials Cotton in the required colours, which were turquoise, grey, red and cream.

We decided that one colour triangles would be best and I said that granny triangles would be the best choice as time was short.

So here is the finished bunting.


I made the triangles on the train going to Criccieth and in the evenings watching TV in my room.

Back home I looked at the triangles and thought the the corners were a bit rounded and felt that I ought to do something about it.


However being a cautious sort of person, I first made a small triangle in grey pinned it out and sprayed the reverse with spray starch and ironed it.


I decided that it looked good and so I pinned the triangles (one colour set at a time) to a block of polystyrene under my ironing board cover and spray and ironed them.


I then took the grey and cream crochet cottons and crocheted a long chain slipstitching it to the triangles as I went along.


And here is the finished bunting in James’ room. I am told that the final position has not been decided on but you can see how it fits with the general colour scheme.


While on holiday, however I had finished the triangles in good time, and not being able to proceed any further I decided to try and make some coasters in the same colours to add to the present.

Now while I was making squares for the CAL, I had thought that the centre of this one might be useful for other things.


I couldn’t remember the pattern but I could remember the general look and so I made this.


As you can see it is not exactly the same but I was very pleased with it and thought it looked almost professional!

I made one in each colour.


When I was back home I made an almost rainbow one


But I was inclined to think that I preferred the single colour ones.

What do you think?

Here is another photograph of the coaster with two slate coasters that I bought in Blaenau Ffestiniog.


28 thoughts on “A special commision with extras

      1. Well, they are always a winner with me and at a recent craft fair I was at, lots of people liked rainbow coloured items!


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