Criccieth – Wednesday to Saturday

Here is the rest of my holiday in Criccieth.

On Wednesday the local Catholic church was full of flower displays as part of the ”Criccieth Festival’.


It wasn’t very easy to photograph inside the church but here are just a couple of the more involved displays.

One based on the passage known as ‘Footprints’


And another on the Garden of Eden – if you look closely you can see the snake!

0162-eden2Afterwards I decided that I would go and visit Portmeirion because it looked to be within walking distance of the nearby town of Porthmadog.


I walked along the path by the railway line and took a photograph of one of the trains as it drew near.

It would be too much to relate all that happened before I got to Portmeirion but surfice it to say that I had a very pleasant walk in the countryside only to find I could not get in that way and had to return to the road and start again.

So I arrived very hot and tired.

I had something to eat then wandered around and took some photographs.


Since it was free and I was tired, I took up the opportunity to ride on this almost train.


Taking another photograph from the viewing point.


Later I went down to the estuary


but it was within a couple of hours of high tide so I stayed on the edge.

I took another photograph looking back up.


If you don’t know anything about this place , it is maybe worth mentioning that it was designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis who was trying to show how a beautiful site could be developed in a sympathetic manner.

Here is a picture I took on the journey home showing the village nestling among the trees.


Then on Thursday I had another ‘train’ day and went on the Ffestiniog railway from Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Blaenau Ffestiniog was famous for it’s slate mine and the railway was built originally to transport the slate to Portmadog to be shipped all over the world.

The locomotives on this line are a special desigh by Robert Fairlie as you can see from the photograph they have long boilers with chimneys at both ends.


The weather was very damp and drizzly by the time we arrived at Blaenau Ffestiniog and I had something to eat but was reluctant to risk my camera by taking many photographs.

I was however very struck by this in the town centre


It is a slate mosaic with the names of the 350 slate mines of Wales, each engraved on a block of slate the colour of that quarry and written in a wave like a river across it there are two quotations: one in Welsh and one in English. Only knowing a few words of Welsh I was very struck by the English quotation which said: “Men die. The rocks and empty darkness of these mountains endure”

Looking on the internet I found out that the Welsh quotation reads in English as: “Time flows on and water too but not the life of a rockman.”

On Friday I had a quiet day but I did go and have a paddle which I had neglected to do up till then.

I found a small bay which I found more attractive than the main beaches.


Left my towel and sandals on the rocks


and stood in the cool water.


I also took a few slightly ‘arty’ beach pictures that I always like to do.


I was especially fascinated by these orangey-red rocks.


Later I had a cup of tea and a scone.

I took a picture to show you the hand knitted tea cosy and the crochet edge to the cover on the milk.


Well I thought I ought to bring knittting and crochet in somewhere.

I came home on Saturday by now the weather had a taken a turn for the worse and, as on the previous Saturday when I arrived, the sea was rough and wild.

I took a few photographs from the train.

This one of the sea


and another of Barmouth Bridge which takes the train accross the Mawddach estuary.


I hope you enjoyed sharing my holiday with me.

*****     *****    *****    *****    *****

In the next post will I will show you what I was crocheting while I was away that I couldn’t show you before.


8 thoughts on “Criccieth – Wednesday to Saturday

  1. Thanks for sharing those lovely photographs, great post!
    I have holidayed there many times, brings back lovely memory’s. glad you got sunny weather too!
    Steph 😃💋


  2. lovely photo’s and it looks like the weather stayed nice for you. Love the afternoon tea and the cochet. Looking forward to seeing what you made 🙂


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