Banana bread revisited

I made this last week but have been doing posts on other things. Next week I will try to continue with my holiday.

Almost a year ago now,  I shared a banana bread recipe with you – Here and in the menu at the top.

Well, when you come back from holiday and the two bananas you didn’t eat before you went away look like this.


And if you are also trying to up your iron intake.

You get out your mixer


and your jar of molasses


and make some more banana bread.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Using the same recipe but substituting molasses for the honey in the original recipe,

using a level teaspoon of ground ginger instead of the coriander,

and leaving everything else the same.

When adding the butter, molasses, banana and egg mixture to the dry ingredients it looks like this –


You put it in the tin.


Cook as before and put to cool on a rack.


Before letting it cool just enough so it won’t burn your mouth and cutting a slice to put on a plate


and eat.

I used just one level teaspoon of ginger so that it would be spicy without being obviously gingery but you could use more to make it into more of a banana gingerbread.

It makes a lovely moist banana bread that doesn’t need butter and is best of all when fresh.

7 thoughts on “Banana bread revisited

  1. Just reading your post has made my mouth water and from looking at the recipe I shouldn’t be allergic to any of the ingredience, Sounds like a plan for my Sunday afternoon 🙂


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