CAL: last three squares


It is so strange to think that at last I have come to the end of these squares.

Well what to say?

Square No. 201


The last of the bobbles! I liked the colours in the book so I chose similar ones from my colour range. Pretty straightforward after all these months of practice. Just keep going!

Square No. 205


These row and rows of dcs are not my favorite squares, as you may have gathered, but changing from one colour to another was not too bad for this one and only six ends to sew in, so not too bad altogether.

Square No. 209


Now I really didn’t like the picture in the book for this one. And although I like marigolds I did not want to make it in ‘marigold’ colours so I used the two mauvy colours: wisteria and lavendar and made one last flower square.

In the end I liked the ‘flower’ square that I made very much and feel it will be a good addition to the final blanket.

I did find that I kept making mistakes while trying to make this one because I found it hard to keep my mind on what I was doing.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Now I have been struggling to keep up with my crochet and knitting this last couple of months and this month I haven’t even thought of joining the “Made It!” Monthly Challenge. My son thinks that I ought to share with you the reason why I have been so preoccupied these last weeks and that will be my next post.


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