Criccieth and crochet


This last week I have been on holiday in Criccieth.

I prepared a couple of posts before I went and had intended to keep in touch with all that was going on in Blogland through my mobile phone and the free wi-fi at the hotel. However the phone reception in that part of the world (North Wales) is a bit variable and even the wi-fi in the hotel seemed to come and go. So I did view a few posts and even make the odd comment but it did seem a bit of a struggle.

Here you can see a copy of a poster (probably from the 1950s judging by the clothes) that was hanging in the hotel dining room.

The castle dominates the view. It was originally built by the Welsh princes but later taken over by the English King Edward I.

Here is another view from the hotel carpark.


I didn’t revisit the castle this time having visited three years before and taken many pictures.

There is plenty to do using Criccieth as a base and even more if you had a car which I don’t. This was especially true as, quite by chance, I had chosen to come to Criccieth during their ‘Festival Week’.

The first full day which was the Sunday was spent visiting eight local gardens in the course of which I took advantage of the fact that I was entitled to two cups of tea (or coffee) and two pieces of cake. At a total cost of £5 this seemed very good value.

I didn’t take as many pictures during the holiday as I might have done as I was worried that the battery would run out, having forgotten to take my spare battery and battery charger with me. However I needn’t have worried as the battery is still showing as full even after taking 156 photographs.

So here are a couple of pictures I did take during my garden tour.


Of all the flowers I saw these were the ones that struck me most.

I took this picture to show the many foxgloves in the garden. There seem to be foxgloves everywhere growing wild as well as in gardens.

There is also a lot of Valerian (again in gardens and in the wild).

This bee was so intent on getting the nectar from this clump of valerian that I was able to get several close ups.


As you can see the weather was a bit overcast the first few days but it did brighten up later. The picture of the bee was actually taken on Thursday.

The next day, Monday, because of the timetable, I decided to go for a trip on the Welsh Highland Railway steam train.

The train runs all the way to Caernarvon but if I had travelled that far I would have had very little time before the return journey so I decided to get off at the intervening station of Rhyd Ddu.

0158-rhyd ddu

One of the paths up Mount Snowden starts at Rhyd Ddu


but I chose first to buy some lunch at a nearby pub


and then to walk in the surrounding countryside.


I can never resist photographing water.


And here is a picture I took from the train when going through the Aberglaslyn Pass


The engine was quite splendid



and the inside of the carriages very retro. I travelled Third Class.


On Tuesday I had a much quieter day. I sat overlooking the sea and wrote some postcards. I also went to a Cello concert given by a local woman.

Really I had quite a lot of ‘culture’ on my holiday as I visited two art exhibitions, one of the work of a local artist, now deceased, and the other of current local artists and on the last night went to another concert, this time given by “Ensemble Cymru”, which also included local children providing some amusing poems to accompany Saint Saëns “Carnival of the Animals”. I didn’t take any photographs of these.

I think this is enough for one post so I will continue with what I did on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday another time.

But I promised you some crochet.

Now the main crochet endeavours of the week cannot be shared yet as they were a commission for someone’s birthday which will be very soon.

But I also took with me a ball of #10 crochet cotton with an eye to working up a pattern for a crochet angel bookmark that I could use on this year’s Christmas cards.


I can see that of course this will take longer than the stars I made last year so maybe I will have to be selective about who gets one.

I think I am mostly happy with what I have got so far but I haven’t finished the ends as I am yet to write down the pattern.

The other two items are another couple of ideas I had.


16 thoughts on “Criccieth and crochet

  1. Looks like you had a lovely time, it’s ages since I was there. I am very impressed with your forward thinking for Christmas!


      1. When my boys were very little- they are now in their twenties! We did the train etc etc! Lovely scenery.


    1. Criccieth has three syllables and is pronounced “Cri” as in crick in the neck but leaving the last ‘k’ sound for the next syllable. The second syllable is very short and sounds a bit like “key” the last syllable is “eth” as at the end of Breath. The last syllable is the most pronounced.


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