CAL 193, 197


Just two this week and the last three for next week I hope.

Square No. 193


This one seems to have worked out taller than it is wide but I think it just needs to be stretched.

I like the firm sort of fabric that this made and think it might be useful to remember for the future. The shape of the stripes is pleasant too.

Square No. 197


I noticed with this one that although on round 5 you are told to “join yarn D into any tr along one side of square”, that round 6 actually assumes that that you have joined it where you finished round 4, (which is what I did.)

When finished it didn’t want to lie flat but I expect a little stretching and ironing should sort that out

However I do like this square, especially as it is another ‘flower’ square and it reminds me, just a little bit, of the clematis that has just started coming out again in my garden.



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