Over 200 followers!

Welcome to all the people who have started to follow me these last few months and Hi to all those of you who have been following me even longer.

When I started this blog it seemed unlikely that I would ever have this many followers (even though I know many of you have hundreds!).

Now when I got to 50 followers (which seemed a huge number to me) I had a giveaway.

And when I got to 100 followers (even more amazing) I had another.
(Plus some buttons and a couple of bookmarks)

And then when I had been blogging for a year I had a special giveaway

Now I had always thought that if I (ever) got to 200 followers I would have another but I seem to have jumped from 100 to 200 in quite a short time after that last giveaway and my life since the middle of April has been very busy helping my son buy his first flat. (I can tell you now because all the family know). We are still at the pre-moving in phase so I am going to be busy for a few more weeks.

However when life has settled down and I can give more time and thought to blogging I will arrange something.

I want to make something special as part of it and I have a few ideas!

So watch this space……………………………

About August I expect.

17 thoughts on “Over 200 followers!

  1. Congratulations! Your blog is colourful and lively and always has something interesting to see. Here’s to the next 200 followers!


  2. Congratulations on your milestone!
    I believe your blog deserves the attention because it’s a topic that many can relate to, and readers love to look at your pictures and share in your experiences.
    Consistency also helps–people are more likely to follow a blog like yours, with consistent posts, then one like mine, where I post sporadically and often with long weeks in between posts because I’ve been busy.
    Speaking of busy, good luck with your part in the moving process!


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