CAL 181, 185, 189


In the end, as I was buying some other yarn for a different project, I decided to buy more of the standard colours I might need in future including the green I am using for the ‘cottage garden’ CAL. So I found myself able to use green for these last few squares.

Very much blues and mauves this week with a little touch of green.

I liked the fact that two of the squares could be made to look like flowers.

Square No. 181


I liked the clusters in the middles and the holes on the diagonals, otherwise it was fairly straightforward.

Square No. 185


It was interesting to miss a dc, dc, miss a dc instead of 3dctog for the central decreases. I think I like this method just as much if not slightly more than the earlier way.

Not quite ‘square’ till it is stretched but I haven’t been blocking or even ironing them this week.

Square No. 189


I had a bit of difficulty getting to grips with the 5ch loops on round 4, as things weren’t symetrical but I got it in the end and I thought this was a very pretty square.

I liked the large central boss as well.


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