My Rainbow Garden – Red

I have been planning this as an occasional post ever since I started the blog and have been popping out at different points during the year to take a quick photograph.

So here are a variety of red flowers that have appeared in my garden over the last year or more.

One of my favorites and one of the first to be planted was the Royal William rose.

Here it is in bud,

0154-another rose



and here fully open but with the centre staying closed.


I think it was affected by the weather.

Another flower that gives very good value is the Fushsia. It adds welcome colour as Autumn approaches.

Here is a variety called “Mrs Popple”.


I always think the flowers look like elegant dancers.

I also love my Daylily


I suppose here the colour verges on orange but I think of it as red.


When I was working in the ORC at Southampton University my bosses boss gave me a few of these that have multiplied profusely. Their latin name is schizostylis coccinea.

Here is a picture of just one flower.


I like buying pansies to put in a tub in the front garden because I find that they go on flowering for ages, even right through the winter.

Here is a photograph of a deep red coloured one.


And here is a red tulip in a tub in the spring.


And lastly a picture I took today of little ‘red’ apples forming. The are actualy coxes.


As you can see my garden is not a pest free zone but I do my best to help my plants flourish.

12 thoughts on “My Rainbow Garden – Red

        1. I’m afraid I only have one other fuchsia in the garden and that is similar. I was talking about all the ones you can see in Garden Centres. They have much bigger flowers but they are more likely to die.


      1. I’m in the UK so it’s the right time of year just we don’t have any flowers for show. Our flowers are a result of our fruit plants/trees so they’re not very big, however the bees seem happy.


  1. My garden gives me inspiration from the colours and textures. You have grown some beautiful flowers. I am happy that you have shared them with us x


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