CAL 169 – 177


My three squares for this week and only a few more to go. Seems amazing to have almost got to the end.

Of course joining them together will be quite a big undertaking too but it will be so much fun deciding how to arrange them.

Square No. 169


I have to admit to a certain reluctance to start this block. All those colours and in consequence, all those ends!

I thought the design was very ‘busy’. However I decided to make each pair of colours simply a lighter and darker tone of one particular colour, except for the yellow/orange pair.

I thought of replacing the orange with green but in the event I think the orange lifts the square a little.

Square No. 173


I thought the central part of this block was very pretty and flower like. It would make a nice start for a coaster.

I think it looks even nicer with a strong contrast between the centre and the surround and by choosing green hoped to strengthen its credentials as a flower.

Square No. 177


Again with this block, I thought ‘rows of dcs again!’

I used a similar relative colour value for the inner squares as that in the main picture in the book.

To me it represents square flower beds in a lawn.

I have now used up almost all the green but I think I will be able to get to the end without having to buy any more.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

So, those of you that are up to date or almost up to date with the blocks, are you getting excited at the thought of finishing them and getting to make them into a blanket?

7 thoughts on “CAL 169 – 177

  1. And why have I, a non-crocheting boy, “Liked” this post you might ask? Well it’s simply because many of these CALs remind me of flags and so now I am wondering if we should commission you to knit – sorry, crochet – some sort of Eurovision bunting. You’ve got eleven months after all! (Good luck with Moldova). x


      1. He is a Eurovision junkie so yes he probably does but you could just make him some bunting to match his new furniture that would look awesome too. 😉


        1. I’ve never made bunting but there is a lot of lovely stuff that other people have made. I may look into it when I have finished my socks. Unless of course you were hoping for crochet birthday present yourself!


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