CAL: seven new squares


An early CAL post this week because I have decided to be cheeky and enter them in this month’s “Made It!” monthly challenge because there isn’t going to be anything else to enter this month and time is running out.

I think by making a big effort that I have finally caught up with where I should be in the CAL.

Square No. 137


This is the one I missed out before because I had chosen to make one for which I didn’t need the book.

I regret to say that I realised at the end that I had made a mistake in the second row and missed out 2ch between the two top three treble groups but as it didn’t look too bad and since I was trying to catch up, I put the perfectionist part of me ‘on hold’ for once!

Square No. 145


I thought this looked good for a cottage garden with the extra rows in green. It might make an interesting alternative when making a ‘granny square’ blanket, though it would mean a lot more work.

Square No. 149


Sort of boring this one but I did it anyway.

Square No. 153


More bobbles – I am pleased that I have now worked out how to do these, so I hardly have to look at them to know they are alright. Not too difficult counting this time either.

Square No. 157


Didn’t we have another of these a few squares back? Interesting texture much firmer than any other sort of square.

Square No. 161


I really like the ‘flower’ in the middle of this one. It turned out a bit smaller that the others and I wasn’t sure it would stretch that much easily, so I cheated a little and added an extra row of dcs.

Square No. 165


I liked the ‘flower’ look of this one too. The ‘flower’ squares will have pride of place in my finished blanket.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

I did find one and a half mistakes in the patterns this week. Which is to say I found one pattern where something seemed to have been definitely missed out (161 Round 5, a missing 2ch.) and in the pattern for 165 on Round 8, I thought that it should have been six trebles after the 3ch at the start and none at the end of the round. But maybe other people will disagree with that one.

7 thoughts on “CAL: seven new squares

  1. So happy you entered Jane and well done on all your amazing squares so far! I especially love 153 – the bobbles are so sweet and the colours blend so well into each other!


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