Of socks and dishcloths


When I was sent this yarn from Patricia at DaniellaJoe’s in April, I said that I would be making some more socks.

Well I have managed to make one sock


I finished it a week or so ago but since then I have been trying to catch up with the CAL and had lots of other things to do. So it is only today that I have got around to starting the second sock.

However I decided I would show you the one sock and a close up of the start of the second one so you can really see the colours.


I managed to cast the first sock off nice and loose and with the second sock I found I managed to make the transition from the part with wraps to shape the toe to the round and round for the foot much more smoothy than normal so I feel I am at last getting to grips with this sock making.

And Dishcloths?

Well I showed you my first dishcloth –


At the time I was reluctant to use it, as I didn’t know how long I could keep it looking acceptable.

But in the end I did start using it,  taking the advice of one commentator to bleach it from time to time.

And now it is like this –


The red has faded a little and it is not quite as white but still respectable.

However it is a little thick and takes a long time to dry, so having been told of some finer dishcloth cotton that was available locally, I am making another one, using the same stitch and have got this far.


In time I think I will experiment with other stitches and maybe try knitted cloths as well as crochet.

17 thoughts on “Of socks and dishcloths

  1. Jane, I love your socks! How lovely of Patricia – I;m sure she is very chuffed at seeing the end product! And your dish cloths are great, I am busy with the latest Made It post and Lisa Victoria from YarnChich40 has just entered some make using the start stitch – is this what you used??? Looks amazing!!! Ps, are you entering this month??!!!!


    1. I am using a different stitch. The star stitch is very pretty though. Mine came from one of the squares I did for the CAL. As to this month’s challenge. I have been so busy I haven’t got around to make something to enter but I did wonder if I could cheat a little and enter the seven CAL squares I am going to post about this week. Couldn’t quite see what the closing date was.


  2. I’ve thought about making dishcloths but what has put me off is that I wouldn’t want to use it 😉 maybe crocheting in white and bleaching it is the answer.


  3. your sock is very impressive, there’s no way i’d put myself through trying something like that. Very glad to see that you are in fact going to make two – i was a bit concerned, thought maybe you had a one-legged friend or something. My dishcloths don’t look like yours even when I’ve only used them once!


  4. I’ve always loved the look of the dish clothes and wondered if they really did the job. But having seen yours I’m confident they work and work well. Thanks for sharing, I will at some stage give them a go. 🙂


  5. Don’t worry about the cotton taking too long to dry. These dishcloths last a very long time; much better than anything bought in a store. If they have a texture surface, they are great for scrubbing and when they start looking bad, use them for cleaning rags. They will hold up until they get a hole or start to unravel. Mine tend to get threadbare before they start to fall apart. Check on Ravelry.com for lots of free dishcloth patterns.


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