CAL: another four


Here you will find 125, 129,133 and 141. The reason that 137 is missing is because I wanted to crochet the next square on one of my group crafting evenings and 141 was one I could do without needing the book.

Because I had the iron out at the time, I did iron these before I photographed them and they do look better for it.

Square No. 125


I suppose I am less enthralled by these rows and rows of dcs type squares these days but I did enjoy working out a choice of colours.

Square No. 129


Now this one was much more to my liking and I enjoyed working out the ‘look’ I wanted for it, which I suppose worked out as ‘a framed flower’.

However I have been so distracted lately, I have to confess that I kept making mistakes. First, I missread the instructions for the row I did in green and when I had sorted that out and started on a pale blue frame, I kept making silly mistakes and having to undo part of it. However when I realised that I had to undo practically back to the green, I decided that I would change the outer colour to pink and I am glad that I did because I think it is a better choice. I still made the odd mistake or two but managed to finish it in a reasonable time.

Square No. 133


I quite enjoy the squares that start at the outer edge and decrease in the middle of each row but I was not especially enamoured of the particular look of this one.

Green and yellow did seem quite a good ‘cottage garden’ choice and in the end I quite liked it in my particular shades of those colours.

Square No. 141


As I said, I did this after no. 133 because it was so easy to remember and although I suppose it counts as a row after row of dcs square, the change of colour mid-row did add a bit of interest and I liked the slightly chequerboard effect.


5 thoughts on “CAL: another four

  1. Wonderful bright colours, I found the other day if I didn’t read the instructions carefully I kept making mistakes. It’s a large lesson that I keep learning :(. Looking forward to next weeks


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