The Chest revealed

I promised to tell you more about my Merchant’s Chest when I had decided how to use it.

But of course the first thing to be done was to prepare it.

I got out my vacuum cleaner and a duster because inside there were quite a few wood shavings and little piles of sawdust.


Then I found an old lump of beeswax that I had bought years ago for the smell. It didn’t smell very much any more but I used it to wax the drawers and runners where wood would rub on wood to help prevent wear.


But of course it is also best to line the drawers.

I knew I would need a lot of paper and wondered what to use but then I remembered this.


Back in the days when all computer printers used fan-fold paper, my husband brought this home from work for the children to draw on and I still had some left. It’s still good for grand-children to draw on but I had plenty.

So here is one of the drawers lined.


Next to fill them.

What is in them is not necessarily fixed and I expect I will adjust according to need but for the moment this is what I have done.

In the four drawers along the top, I have:-

Tissue paper –

0147-1-tissuepaperThis drawer was originally empty but I decided to put my oddments of tissue paper in it for the moment.

Buttons and elastic –


Ribbons, tape and cord –

0147-3-ribbons-tape+cordI haven’t really sorted the ribbon properly as I know I have oddments of ribbon all over the place.

And lastly – felt, beads and pipe cleaners –

0147-4-felt+beadsThere are my cocktail sticks in there too.

On the next row of three equal sized drawers, I have:-

Stuffย  for tapestry –

0147-5-tapestryI do have some plans for this , when I can fit it in! ๐Ÿ™‚

Everything connected with embroidery –

0147-6-embroideryAnd I popped in the two knitting dollies I have as well.

My new balls of crochet cottonย  –

0147-7-newcrochetcottonsand a pot of steel crochet hooks.

On the next row down there are:-

My other cotton and bamboo yarns –

0147-8-othercottonsI’m in the middle of making another dish cloth with the cotton in the middle, hence the hook!

I am using this drawer for my granny ripple blanket at present (I haven’t done much of this lately)

0147-9-blanketas well as another project that I may abandon.

In the bottom two drawers I have:-

My Stylecraft yarns – (this was always the plan!)

and as it doesn’t fit in the small drawers, my roll of knitting needles.

Then lastly:

Overflow Stylecraft yarn and all the other odds and ends of yarn and some for future projects –


This leaves my plastic crates that I was using for the yarn empty

0147-boxesBut I am sure I will find a use for them.

All the above means that in future my sewing box


can just be used for sewing!

18 thoughts on “The Chest revealed

  1. OOh, I see you have some Sirdar Snuggly White Whisper Bamboo in there! Adore the stuff, so silky to knit with and so soft! Well done for all that organising, must have taken you aggges. But it must feel soooo good to just open the drawers to have a look at all the great stuff you have in there. If only I were that organised, or had a wonderful set of drawers. Need to wait until I find my own place I think!


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