CAL: still catching up

I am a bit out of sync with my normal pattern of posts due to my outside life intervening but here is my latest update on the CAL.0145-109-121

Four more squares. I had hoped to complete six but I was away for a couple of days last week and taking all the balls of yarn to make squares is a bit tricky.

Square No. 109

0145-109 Not an especialy exciting squares but I was quite pleased with the colour combination. Another one that seems to twist slightly. I expect blocking, ironing  or simply joining to other squares should sort that out.

Square No. 113


This one is prettier and I like the diagonals made with the clusters.

Square No. 1170145-117

Another granny square type one. I quite enjoyed choosing the colours for this one. Although the last four times squares seem a bit like cheating, it is quite interesting to see the different effects you can get by altering the colours.

Square No. 121


Since the last three blocks were worked in the round it was obvious which was the ‘right’ side. I notice with this pattern that we are not told which is the right side in the normal way, so I stared hard at the picture and decided which side looked the same.

This one worked out  a little larger than the first three and I did consider undoing it and redoing most of it, working a little bit tighter. However since some of the squares I have done previously are probably also a similar size to this one, I decided to leave it for now.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

I seem to be finding it harder to say exciting things about the blocks. Maybe it is because we are getting towards the end. Do you find the same?


4 thoughts on “CAL: still catching up

  1. Ditto you and Nana C, I felt at one point in a recent post that all I was in danger of doing was pointing out the pattern errors/typos, so made a concerted effort to add what I liked and the good things.
    I’ve just posted for the week and actually am experiencing that nearly the end glow of what’s been good and what I’ve learnt, probably also partly because of a workshop link Patch sent.


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