Just a quick look!

It has been a beautiful Bank Holiday Monday here and I have been sitting in the sun knitting some of my new sock.

Life has been very busy lately and a bit stressful so I felt that I needed a rest today as I have a sore throat. I am not sure if it is ‘Chronic Fatigue’ or ‘going down with a cold’ but it seemed that either way being too active would only make things worse. 🙂

So although I took delivery of my merchant’s chest, that I had made to house my crafting materials, on Saturday, I have not done anything but admire it.


It still has some little piles of sawdust inside so I am going to have to get the vacuum cleaner out before I fill the drawers and I may wax the draw runners to stop them wearing.

It is beautifully made and all the drawers come in and out easily.

When it is ready to be filled with all my stuff I will create another post showing how I intend to use it.

Here is a closer look.


And although I think my garden is looking a bit of a mess, I am going to share a few photographs I took very quickly because this is my favorite time of year in the garden as I love all the flowers that are out about now.

Here is my little apple tree. I just love apple blossom and it is so soon gone.0144-appletree
And the rosemary is in flower. I have three lots of rosemary but they are all past their best at present.
I love bluebells too. In my previous garden thay grew all over the place and came through the grass, so I brought some with me when I moved.
Here is part of the main flower bed.
And a bit further on. I love any blue flowers.
So of course I love these forget-me-nots
And surprisingly there are still some grape hyacinths in flower.
I hope all my UK readers have had a great Bank Holiday and I hope you all enjoyed this quick look at chest and garden.


12 thoughts on “Just a quick look!

  1. Your garden is very pretty, especially the apple tree and the forget me nots. And yes, I really did enjoy looking at your chest (!), thanks for sharing 🙂 Actually, I’m so flippin’ jealous of it I’m going to dream about it tonight, I can tell. It is MAGNIFICENT.


  2. Your chest is fab! (Doesn’t sound quite right! But you know what I mean) The ultimate storage solution.


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