A lovely surprise and CAL catch up.

Yesterday as I was sitting down to lunch there was a knock at the door, muttering to myself that I hoped it wasn’t one of these people wanting me to change my energy supplier or phone, I opened the door to find that it was the postman with a package. 🙂

It was my ‘prize’ from Patricia at DaniellaJoe’s for helping proof read her recent pattern.

I opened it up and inside I found. (Since it was hot and sunny, I took it outside to photograph).


So exciting and so generous of her. I love the sock wool. Every time I wear the pair of socks I made I wish that I could wear home made socks every day and this is lovely soft sock wool in blue and green and grey. So maybe I need to make another pair.

The soap smells lovely too!

So a great big thank you to Patricia at DaniellaJoe’s

She is really patient and persistent and has been working on a cloth in fine crochet cotton for several months. The cloth she made is truly amazing and she created the pattern herself.  She has another cloth on the go and has found time to make a few other things as well. So why not go and see.

Now for the CAL.

My hand is mostly better so I got down to some more squares last weekend.

Square No. 91


Once my hand had recovered I found this much easier. I think the problem was that when doing the dtrs you had to put the hook through the stitch two rows below and then bring it back to the front to take up the yarn and that put the most strain on my hand.

I thought the back was quite interesting too.


I really like this square.

Square No. 92


This too was fine once my hand was better. I didn’t like it as much in the flesh as I did in the picture but it will make a fine addition to the blanket.

Square No. 93


This is a little similar to the ‘linen stitch’ that I used for my phone cover. I actually like the linen stitch better but again a fine square. I can see I have done the central rows a little tighter than the outer ones but hopefully it will stretch when inserted in the blanket.

The pattern says that the foundation row is the right side but I think that the photograph in the book is of the other side so that is what I have made my ‘right side’.

Square No. 94


I haven’t blocked this or anything and it was hard to get it properly square for the photograph but again it ought to be fine in among the other squares.

You would have thought a nice sunny day would make taking photographs easier but I found they came out dingier than normal and after I brightened them up the colours in this one don’t look at all right. I tried altering the white balance setting but it didn’t help. I must find time to understand these things.

Square No. 95

I missed this one out for the moment as the others looked much easier and I wanted to do as many as possible but I will be doing it next.

Square No. 96


I seemed to have to concentrate hard to make sure I was doing this one correctly. I think the fact that Jan Eaton cheated a bit in just giving one description for rows 2 & 3 when strictly speaking they should have read differently as also rows 4 & 5, didn’t help.

I like it in the blue.

Square No. 97


I liked the colours in the book so I chose mine to match as closely as possible. I liked the diagonal rows of holes.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

All these squares were fairly straight forward and quite quick to make which is how I managed to fit in six.

10 thoughts on “A lovely surprise and CAL catch up.

    1. They are actually double crochets (I think this must be the ones you mean) but I think I know what you mean in terms of the way they look in the pattern. I must try the bullion stitch again now I have crochet cotton.


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