Slipper-socks and a forgotten project.


I’ve finished the slippers I was making. Yay!

Adding the beads was easy-peasy and I am looking for more projects which use beads.

Adding the Sock-Stop to the soles however was much more tricky.

Being a cautious sort of person I decided to do a trial run.

Do you remember this?


My trial run at sock making.

Well I kept it as a sample and decided it would be just what I needed to see how easy (or difficult – knowing me) the Sock-Stop would be to apply.

I found an old shop-bought slipper sock for a comparison and had a go. Two or three coats was what they said. So I did two.


The finish wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked but I thought it wasn’t bad for clumsy, messy me.

Although this trial run seemed very sensible it was a mistake.

Because when I came to apply the stuff to my new slippers I found that the liquid had become a bit granular and was much harder to get out of the tube.

I struggled on and produced this.


It wasn’t as neat as I would have liked but I moved on to the second one.


You may notice they are not identical patterns. By now I was just glad to get the dots on at all.

The following day I returned to the fray and added a second coat.


I thought of flattening them with a knife but decided that didn’t work too well as the dots were of such mixed consistency.

However the next day They were ready to wear and here they are on my feet.


I am hoping that the dots don’t come off because they are rather bobbly.

If they do I was wondering about using silicone sealer. I am a bit fingers and thumbs using that as well but at least it doesn’t seem to dry in the tube once it’s been opened.

And just to finish off.

Do you remember this?


I told you that it was my aim to knit this tube long enough to make a Buff®.

Well I have to confess that I have done very little since then but having finished the slippers and wanting to give my sore joint a little longer before I went back to crochet, I decided to pick it up again and now I have got this far.


After the slippers which were such fun to make, I have found it a little boring going on and on with just the two alternating stitches but I am determined to finish it and it is relaxing. I don’t know if there is enough yarn left to make it a full eighteen inches but when the yarn runs out I will see how it goes.

10 thoughts on “Slipper-socks and a forgotten project.

  1. Hi Jane.
    First of all I had no idea what a buff was so had to check it out. Nice catchy name, I like it, although I can’t imagine 13 different ways to wear one! I think yours looks nicer than the ones on the website.
    Second, your beaded slippers are really really great. I love how you’ve used different colours on each side, and the beads are too sweet. They’re rather smart for bed, but maybe you guys get dressed up for bed over there!? 🙂
    Am of course v interested in the sock-stop stuff. How many pairs do you think one tube would cover? Do the blobs feel like they are holding fast?I think your blobs are quite neat, not messy at all, but I don’t like hearing that the stuff gets granular after one squeeze, as it were.
    Jill 🙂


    1. I will see how many ways might be useful when I have finished the buff.
      The idea for the different colours goes back to the original pattern. They were in orange, brown and the same sort of turquoise.It balances out the amount of yarn you need which is good. They are not for bed or wearing with a dressing gown. I like to change out of my outdoor shoes when I get in and use some sort of canvas shoe or slipper sock indoors so these are for indoor use during the day. They are lovely to wear but some bobbles are pulling off as I suspected they might so I am re-thinking.
      It’s very hard to tell how much is left in the bottle of Sock-Stop as it has gone funny and there isn’t a reduced level evident. I could quite well think it might do half-a-dozen more or less but that is a complete guess.


  2. LoveLoveLOVE those slippers, they are just too adorable! And the extra beaded detailing just gives them that perfect little pop that sets them apart from every other pair of slippers you see out there. SO cute.


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