Les Miserables and Daleks!

No! not together.

This is a continuation of last Monday’s post.

We had planned another trip to Portsmouth Dockyard to see HMS Warrior some weeks before but then we learned that there would be an exhibition of the costumes for the film of ‘Les Miserables’ and also a Dalek Exhibition in Portsmouth that weekend.

My daughter is a great fan of ‘Les Miserables’ having, I think, been to the show at least twice. She thinks the show is better but nonetheless enjoyed the film. (Even my son wanted to go and see the film because part of it was filmed in Portsmouth Docks!)

We discovered that the exhibition was on in the Dockyard itself and included in our tickets 🙂 so after lunch we headed along there. The lighting was rather low but nonetheless I mananged to get a few usable pictures.


I was most attracted to the female costumes.



This was my favourite.

They also had a more general scene setting display ( with sound!)


After this we decided to move on to the Dalek Exhibition. This was being held at Southsea in the Royal Marines museum so we had to catch a bus and then walk along the front.


If you live in Aylesbury it’s a really exciting thing to see the sea


and so you have to walk along the beach.


I wondered if I had chosen the wrong shoes for the day.


But Lousia was happy. She found an interesting stone.


Eventually we got to the museum, bought tickets and went to see what there was.


It wasn’t as impressive as the Dr Who Exhibition (‘Twenty Years of a Time Lord’) we had been to in 1983 at Longleat where there had been BBC scenary, including the console of the Tardis and various monster costumes. I remember seeing some of the actors who had played Dr Who there as well: at least Tom Baker and Peter Davidson and maybe John Pertwee.

Here are a few of the photos I took at the time.

This will enlarge for a closer look

However Lousia had a great time following a treasure hunt type activity round the museum and seeing various model Daleks and other monsters plus Dr Who look-a-likes.


She even posed for a picture with a cyberman.


As I said last Monday, by the time we had waited for a bus back to the Dockyard we were too late for tea but there will be another visit and maybe then we might find time.

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