CAL 90-92 an apology

I know I have got a little behind and so I made

Square No. 90


I actually quite enjoyed making this one.

I used the smaller 3.5mm hook which meant it came out about the same size as the average. I also found the simplicity of the two colours quite appealing.

But then I met problems

Square No. 91


With this block I have only got this far, as I kept having to undo part of row 4, as I couldn’t get the tension right. I expect I will get it in time but I am not feeling at my best at present.

I moved on to

Square No. 92


But then the joint in my left hand where the first finger meets the hand started really hurting me. I have had twinges before but this time it was really painful. I struggled on for a bit but in the end it was just too much.

So I am afraid that I will be leaving the CAL blocks until my hand recovers and doing knitting instead.


21 thoughts on “CAL 90-92 an apology

  1. I had trouble with my right elbow- not certain if it is crochet, knitting or the computer to blame. Hope you feel better soon and sort out the tension- it was a tricksie block


  2. My comment disappeared while I was feeding the fishies on your side bar:-(

    Love the colours of your pink and purple square and it is so neat. Sorry to hear you’ve got joint problems as that is definitely not good. Hope you are better soon.


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