HMS Warrior at last!


At last the day came to go back to Portsmouth Dockyard to see HMS Warrior. (If you are new you can see the previous posts here – and )

This time I had suggested that rather than drive down from Aylesbury, if everyone stayed at mine (in Southampton) we could set off earlier and so have more time.

We had a very busy day and did other things that will be the subject of a further post.

This meant that we still didn’t get to have tea at ‘The Georgian Tearooms’ but the new ‘Mary Rose’ museum is opening soon, so this will not be our last visit since our tickets are good till next August. 🙂 How to stretch a birthday treat so it lasts a whole year!


Here is a plan of the ship that you can click on to view if you are interested.

If you click you can read the details

and here is the beautiful ‘warrior’ figurehead.


Draught marks on the hull.


The main mast complete with signal flags spelling, if I remember correctly, ‘Discover Warrior 1860’


Towards the stern there was a whole battery of ships wheels


and the stern gun.


The ship had some lovely decoration.


The red ensign was fluttering in the breeze.


Below were the captains quarters.

Sitting end


and dining.


I think this was where the Commander slept. See the gun.


Below you could see what looked as if it must be the officers dining are


There was also a lot of weaponry:

Hand guns,




and swords.


On the deck below I was surprised to find more wheels.


and to see how like the Victory were the arrangements for the crew.

Suspended tables


compare these with those on the Victory.

Louisa by a gun

The sleeping arrangements.


The kitchen.


Further down there were the engines, by now there were lots of people and it was getting even darker so I didn’t take much in the way of pictures.

The engines were moving, great pistons, so typical of Victorian engineering.

We also saw the boilers and the buckets for the coal.

Back on the top deck I took a picture of one of the boats.


Apparently, on long voyages, sheep were penned up on deck and they kept chickens and ducks in the boats.

We waited around while daddy was exploring below


and then we went to find some lunch.

Later I will tell you what we did next……………………..

10 thoughts on “HMS Warrior at last!

    1. It is pretty amazing and was quite incredible at the time too. It was so much better than other ships at the time that it claims (in spite of it’s extensive weaponry) that ‘Never a shot was fired in anger’.


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