Practice make Perfect!

Well what have I been up to recently?

Here are three of the bookmarks I am making for my giveaway. Hopefully I will get the extra colours soon and can make the others. BUT see at bottom of post!!


And here is a picture that actually comprises a lot of practice!


It started on 100cm circular needles for me to show someone how to do small circular knitting using the ‘magic loop’ method. Not to be confused with the method of the same name in crochet which is the way of starting some crochet patterns.

After the first couple of rows I passed the needles over so she could practice before starting a prem-baby hat on her own needles.

I then decided that it was a good starting point for me to try knitting on double pointed needles that I am so wary of, so I transferred the knitting as you can see above and did a few rows.

I have decided that (at least with this much knitting on this size needles) it is not so much a problem of stitches slipping off the ends as the other needles getting in the way. 🙂 But I will persist in practice when I have nothing better to do.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

I have also started knitting a pair of beaded slippers and have been pleased to discover how easy it is to add in the beads.


I bought the wool in ‘Hobbycraft’ when they were selling at three balls for the price of two, so it was a good buy and even the full price was not excessive. It is “100% Super Soft Merino Wool” and is lovely to handle.

The slippers are in three colours. The missing one in my colour choice is purple.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

And I have just received my new crochet cottons.


I think this may keep me happy for a few months / years! In many ways I prefer #20 cotton but I think this may be more durable for household items.

18 thoughts on “Practice make Perfect!

    1. No #10. I decided to buy them as I need #10 for the next two bookmarks and I couldn’t get all the rainbow colours in the #20 from the place I bought these. I have at least one project at the back of my mind where I think rainbow colours in #10 will be just what I want.


    1. Well there are less stitches per inch so items either take longer or are smaller. You need good light or good eyesight because the stitches are smaller. Working with it otherwise, in my opinion, is actually easier than acrylic yarn, especially if you choose 6ply mercerised cotton as I have. I find that it doesn’t split or stretch, so I end up undoing the stitches less often.


  1. The bookmarks are absolutely lovely and so very neat. I’m also impressed with the circular knitting. I often look at things like this and break out in a sweat.

    The slippers are shaping up lovely too and I love the addition of the beads into the pattern.


    1. I prefer doing circular knitting on circular needles. Maybe you should try. Circular knitting has the added advantage that you get stocking stitch by doing knit stitches all the time. This is my first attempt at beads and I think I will like to use them again.


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