CAL 87-89 I think I like these!


After last week I approached making any more with some trepidation.

Square No. 87

I already had a pink raised flower so I decided that peonies were also pale pink and chose to make the flower part in ‘clematis’.

I tried to starting with a larger hook but decided that the resulting flower was too shapeless and probably on the large side so I decided to start again. Perfectionist me definitely having the upper hand!

This time I produced this.


which looked much too flat.

I had been a bit confused as to what the instruction to work ‘ss behind first dc of next petal’ had meant and wondered if I was interpreting this incorrectly and so I tried a different approach and was much happier with the result.


Standard size or slightly smaller so acceptable.

I then moved on to no. 88

Square No. 88


I liked the colours as shown in the book so chose a similar range.

I think this must be one of my favourites. I especially liked the points and the central wheel.

Again I noticed little mistakes creeping in suggesting a lack of proof reading such as where we are told to ‘Break off yarn A’ when in fact at the start of this last row we had started with ‘Join yarn D’

Square No. 89


This was less exciting than the others but I was still quite pleased with how it turned out.

I didn’t like the colours in the book but nonetheless chose a similar set but one that I find more appealing.

With only seven rows I did choose a 4.5mm hook instead of a 4mm and was glad I did as this square came out just slightly larger than the other two.

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